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tillsonbrands features in London Free Press and on Newstalk 1290 CJBK

As the Polar Vortex continues to bite in March, tillsonbrands took time to brief media on the impact the Polar Vortex is having on the ice melting industry. tillsonbrands discussed new ice melter technology, salt shortages and increased demand for smarter and safer ice melt products.

A Genuine Ice Breaker - The London Free Press

Kelly Pedro of the London Free Press stopped by tillsonbrands’ headquarters in Tillsonburg to meet company leaders Jeff Eaves and Michael Perovich and hear why they started the company, and what differentiates their ice melt products.


“What we found was that we were able to cut salt usage in half,” said Jeff Eaves, VP Business Development, tillsonbrands.

Eaves shed light on the impact of the polar vortex.

“It’s the perfect storm. People who have been in the industry for 25 years or more probably might remember another time it was this bad. It’s been so cold for so long,” confirmed Eaves.

With temperatures reaching below -20 C, tillsonbrands has achieved success do to their products’ ability to work in colder temperatures than traditional road salt. Go Transit and the owners of Hwy. 407 are testing their products.

The London Free Press is a daily newspaper based in London, Ontario, Canada. It has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Southwestern Ontario. Kelly Pedro has been with the London Free Press since 2002, covering various beats in the newsroom including local economy, education, and weather. She is now primarily a general assignment reporter.

London @ Large with Al Coombs

Eaves also appeared on Newstalk 1290 CJBK to talk with Al Coombs on London @ Large. The conversation revolved around how and why the ice melt industry industry is evolving.

“Salt is the cheapest working commodity. But the problem with salt it stops working at -10, and with a year like this, salt is also in short supply.  We’re bringing in salt from Saskatchewan because Goderich, the largest salt mine in North America can’t keep up with the demand for salt,” said Eaves.

tillsonbrands’ products incorporate a third generation technological innovation

“It’s what we call what we create 3rd generation de-icer. The first generation was salts, the second generation was a runway de-icer - which is a little bit of organic chemistry using acetates and formates, and the third generation is hybrid blend of salt and runway de-icer.” – Jeff Eaves

CJBK is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting in London, Ontario at 1290 kHz. The station airs a news, talk and sports format. It broadcasts all home and away games of the London Knights hockey team as well as the Western Ontario Mustangs college football team, serving as both squads' flagship station. The station is also an affiliate of the NHL's Detroit Red Wings, the NFL's Detroit Lions, and the MLB's Detroit Tigers radio networks.

About tillsonbrands

tillsonbrands works with leading manufacturing, research and development partners to introduce commodities and consumer goods to Canada from China, Europe and the United States. 

Started in 2010, by Michael Perovich and Jeff Eaves, tillsonbrands has a vision to advance industries with inventive and responsible products. www.tillsonbrands.com

About SmartMelt & EcoMelt Technology

SmartMelt Technology is the third generation advanced engineered blend of polyols, organic salts and bio additives encapsulating a non-organic chloride.  This blend offers the greatest ice melt capacity, lowest corrosion and overall performance like no other branded granular de-icer in its class.

EcoMelt Technology is based on the introduction of dissolved proteins and sugars to granular chlorides to lower the eutectic and corrosion rates, while increasing melt capacity.  The bio-additives are always produced from renewable resources and follow rigorous testing to comply with industry standards. 



50 Clearview Drive

Tillsonburg, Ontario N4G 4G8