Tillsonbrands™ leads the way in ice-melting technologies and develops products, trusted by industry and municipalities across the continent, that exceed the needs of our customers and respect the environment in the process.

Our Ice Melters

Choose from a variety of commercial and retail packaged ice melters using the world’s leading technologies.

Pet Friendly

Formulated to provide a safer choice for pet owners.

Fully Tested

Our ice melting products are tested by third-party labs under the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) to exceed all claims and maintain quality control.

Unmatched Performance

Salt in isolation typically melts ice to -9°C (15°F). Our products melt ice at -32°C (26°F).

Our Technology

Tillsonbrands™ products employ advanced scientific research and technology to best serve our customers with their ice-melting needs. Customer satisfaction is as important to us as pushing the industry forward.

SmartMelt Technology®

This blend offers the greatest ice melt capacity, lowest corrosion, and overall performance like no other branded granular de-icer in its class.

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Liquid coating allows each granule to melt a broader surface area and leave behind a residual coating to help prevent re-freezing at extremely low temperatures. These benefits allow SmartMelt Technology® products to be more effective with lower application rates than traditional ice melters.

Our Storage Bins

High-density polythene molded in six different colours. Perfect for ice melters, absorbents or general outdoor storage.

Salt / Sand Bins

There when and where you need it. Ensure you always have salt or sand stored nearby icy walkways to prevent slips and falls!
Available in six stock colours as well as custom-branded.

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