Leading and clearing the way season after season.

Suitable for residential driveways, porches, sidewalks and steps, JETBLUE™ is pet-friendly and won't track inside or stain.

ICESHIELD™ Premium Ice Melter becomes the most advanced commercial ice melter on the market today.

ECOMELT™ Commercial Ice Melter delivers a blend of solid and liquid de-icers incorporated with NaCl – the most tried and true de-icer trusted by contractors and professionals today.

JUSTSALT™ rock salt is designed specifically for de-icing applications. With a superior screening and crushing process, JUSTSALT™ spreads evenly to attack ice quickly. It is ideal for ice and snow build-up on pedestrian walkways, stairs, entryways, sidewalks and driveways.

Our Ice Melters Are:

Pet Friendly

Formulated to provide a safer choice for pet owners.

Fully Tested

Our ice melting products are tested by third-party labs under the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) to exceed all claims and maintain quality control.

Unmatched Performance

Salt in isolation typically melts ice -9°C (15°F). Our products melt ice at -32°C (26°F).

Advanced Ice-Melting Technology

Tillsonbrands™ leads the way in researching new technology and developing products that meet (or exceed) the needs of our customers and respect the environment in the process.

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