Tillsonbrands™ was started in 2010 with a vision to advance industries with inventive and responsible products.

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In 2010, Tillson Brands Inc. was founded with a vision to bring right-choice products to Canada and the United States’ retail and commercial markets. Our goals were to harness leading research and technology and to carry forward scientific understanding of our industry that were once thought to be too “high end” for the average consumer.

Growing up working in the family business – and Tillsonbrands™ parent company, Future Transfer – Michael gained valuable front line experience in manufacturing, logistics, and customer service. He went from working as a delivery driver to leading production and ISO 9000 initiatives, all while earning his Post Grad Sports Marketing Diploma from George Brown College.

Tillsonbrands™ today & tomorrow

Today, Michael leads Tillsonbrands™ as their President, working with leading manufacturing, research, and development partners to introduce commodities and consumer goods to Canada from, Europe, Asia and the United States. Tillsonbrands™ Inc. provides products to customers in the retail, industrial and janitorial / sanitation markets as well as to professional snow contractors.

Why are we successful

We have the ability to operate with the same force as a large corporation while still maintaining a small family business mindset; we aren’t hindered by typical corporate procedures or restraints that often limit great customer service and product quality. Every day, Tillsonbrands™ staff come to work with a desire to ensure every customer is well taken care of. We operate with one mantra in mind: Give the customer what they want, when they want it.

“We have been using JETBLUE for one complete season, It has worked well for us in a wide range of temperatures I would recommend it to someone that wants to carry only one product. The quality of the ice melt has always been the same with no clumping. The product bags are strong and hold up well to being tossed around in the trucks. All in all a great product that meets our needs.”

- Jarrett Browne – Calgary Landscape Maintenance (Calgary, AB)

“This is our first season using JETBLUE. It performs extremely well in various weather conditions. We would recommend this ice melter because it is highly effective when loosening ice buildup on hard surfaces while remaining effective in extreme temperatures. It is a high quality product that works well in extreme temperatures (-35). The attractive and informative packaging appears professional and is educational to clients; being pet friendly is extremely important to many properties. Our employees have said they prefer using JETBLUE in comparison to other ice melters because it cuts through the ice and allows them to remove it much easier. With our periodic chinooks in Calgary this makes the freeze and thaw cycle more manageable.”

Jordan Ahosaari – Hydra Professional Landscape Services (Calgary, AB)

“This has been our first year using JETBLUE and the feedback from the crews has been extremely positive. JETBLUE doesn’t damage gloves and leather boots as quickly as our previous product, and along side of that we aren’t getting plumes of de-icer dust while spreading. Also the extra layer of black wrapping to protect from UV rays on the palleted product is a great plus, we don’t have to tarp up all of or stored product to prevent the bags from becoming brittle. I am convinced if I had pallets of our old product delivered next year there would be mass disappointment across all my crews.”

Ben Smith – Bugaboo Landscaping ( Calgary, AB)

"Jenron Creative Landscapes made the switch to JETBLUE Ice Melt in November of 2017. Over the past four months the results of JETBLUE have far exceed our expectations. JETBLUE has not only beat the competition in price, but also in efficiency, melting ice faster, even in – 30 degree temperatures. The packaging is simple yet draws your eye to all the important aspects that we look for in an ice melt. Being more environmental and pet friendly is not only a bonus to the quality of this product but a requirement when we look for a product that our clients will be happy using on their property as well. The slightly thicker bags help prevent accidental rips and lost product all helping keep costs down during the winter months. The best feature that we have found is the colour of the product, the blue colour not only helps prevent over salting but helps save time from guessing where you’ve already placed salt. JETBLUE is a safe and efficient ice melt that makes all walkways not only safer for your clients but for all members of the public. Jenron Creative Landscapes highly recommends this product to all individuals and contractors."

Aaron Kennedy – Jenron Creative Landscapes (Calgary, AB)

“We are a large snow removal company in London and have been using JETBLUE ice melter for the past 5-6 Years. Not only is it a fantastic product that works, but our customers love it as well! It goes down with a bright blue colour, so our customers can see it being used and feel safe, it’s also Pet friendly which is a huge plus when looking after large condo complex’s. This past winter with the extreme cold temperatures we had, Jet Blue continued to work with ease and keep our customers feeling safe and walkways clear of snow and ice . We couldn’t imagine ourselves using anything different.”

Chris Edwards – Edwards & Sons Complete Property Maintenance Inc (London, ON)

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